Knowing God

I am developing a strong desire.  I am slowly becoming consumed by this desire.  It is but a sapling of a desire, but its growth is alarming.  I desire to know God.

Ironically, though I might be able to articulate my goal, I am not sure what it really means to know God.  How do you know the Creator of all that exists?  How do you know someone who is all around you but cannot be touched, tasted, seen, heard or smelled?

And what does it mean to know someone.  How do I baseling my current relationship with God so that I might measure my progress in my knowledge of Him?  And is it just a matter of knowing facts?  As though I might know a famous person such as Abraham Lincoln by becoming intimately familiar with his history, exploits, decisions and quotes?  Does knowing God include knowledge of facts?  Is it a knowledge through experience?  And if it does become experiential, how do I then translate this experience into words?

There are many issues with this particular desire.  How do I nourish it so that it doesn’t fade, for undoubtedly, everyone would commend me for having such a noble desire.  And the nourishment it requires, from whence shall I gather this sustenance?  And how do I quickly ascertain the difference between a healthy diet of knowing God and the quick sugar rush of a candied knowledge?  What might I expect from a steady diet of knowing God?  Which spiritual muscles will be developed and strengthened by this knowledge?  Muscles of Faith? Maturity? Love? Contentment?

From what sources does the knowledge of God abound?  Is it the Bible alone?  Can I depend on both contemporary and historical writers to help me in my quest to know God intimately?  Should I ignore their musings and trust that the Holy Spirit alone will guide me to a more intimate knowledge of Him?  Can Tozer, Spurgeon and St. Augustine as well as Packer, MacArthur and Sproul give me consolidated and concise explanations of God and thereby expedite my growing knowledge of God?  Which of these men should I trust and which should I avoid?

Obviously, this is a journey of discovery.  A journey of mistakes, wrong paths, three steps forward and one back.  A journey of revelation and growth.  A journey that includes locked doors and open doors.  A journey that will bring intimacy to my relationship with God.  A relationship like no other can be expected.  It will be full of wonder and fear.  It will be hard to understand at times.  But there is no doubt that the benefits will be immeasurable.

2012 is the year of Knowing God for me.  And here is the theme verse for this year.

1 John 2:3  “By this we know that we have come to know Him, if we keep His commandments.”

May God bless my journey.


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