That Fickle Faith

I read this term yesterday in an interview with an author.  How can faith be fickle?  Faith is strong.  When you think of faith, you sense resolve, stalwartness…a mighty oak.  Not fickle, uncertain, uncommitted or short lived.

Our faith swells when we stand in church with arms held high singing beautiful songs that pull emotions from our heart breaking through a week’s work of hardness and distractions of a manic life where we have forgotten our God.  But as we stand with hands in the air, our Faith is rock solid.  Our determination is strong.  We will not be swayed.  We will give to our God his due in our lives, our time, our words.  What more is there?  Whom have we but thee Lord?

Then we go home to the ease and comfort of our homes.  Eat our fill.  Watch our television.  Engage in our hobbies.  Strive diligently at work to get more so that we can have more.  All the while, we pile these idols on the wagon of our faith struggling to pull them along throughout the week.  Calling ourselves Christians, but forgetting the Christ.

We feel momentary flashes of faith as we drive in the car with the radio on, blaring more of that same music that calls to our emotions.  We feel the weight of guilt as we realize we have forgotten our first love for a few days.

Then fickle faith once again rises to bring us to new heights of productivity, acts of kindness and that ever elusive characteristic called Christlikeness.  The next person we encounter will experience the Love of Christ through us like never before.  Only to lose this decisiveness upon entering the home and talking to a spouse, child or family member who does not, at this moment, share your burst of faith.  And through their words or actions, suck the wind from your sails leaving you sitting crumpled in a desert of spiritual confusion.

Our Faith is fickle.

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